Whole Chicken being smoked in the smoker.
How to Smoke Meat with the Barbeque Meat Smoker


Prepare Smoked Fish with BBQ Smokers

The Simple Answer to What is Hot Smoking

To put it simply, Hot smoking is slowly cooking food with the intention of allowing wood smoke to infuse itself into the food itself.

In essence, hot smoking is simply the process of smoking meat, smoking fish, and other products at temperatures that range between 165° to 225° degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the recipe and your source, without exposing the food directly to normal or higher cooking temperatures.

Cold smoked food items are also delicious but hot smoking food produces mouth watering results as well. The basic idea is to prepare food dishes such as fish, smoking meat, and salmon by smoking it with BBQ smoke wood which lends a distinct and desired flavor to it. This is something that will impress your guests enough to incite them to pepper you with questions about your cooking ability and how you cooked this fabulous meal.  

Hot smoked food can be cooked using the constant heat emanating from smoldering coal as well as gas or an electric heat source. The results will be marvelous as long as you can ensure a constant and controllable source of smoke. All you need is a method to kick start and invigorate the smoke and this can be achieved rather simply by using the SmokePistol or the GrillKicker. This is how you can make delicious plates of food like smoked salmon, BBQ brisket, and pulled pork! You may also step out of traditional norms and pick new age and enticing dishes like smoked mash and scallops.

Slower and gradual heating of the food is the most desired strategy to obtain hot smoked fish and meat that is perfectly cooked and smoked. The heat ensures that the food is cooked and the smoke from the chosen wood will add its fruity or woody fragrance to the type of food you have selected. There are many options of flavored wood available including apple, hickory, peach, pecan, mesquite as well as the more traditional and wholesome oak. These smoky flavors simply coat the outside of the slowly cooking meat, retaining all the moisture and allowing the juices to imbibe and absorb the flavor of the wood.

Hot smoking can be easy and pure pleasure and you also don't need to invest a large amount of time buying a smoker. In fact, you can even learn how to make a smoker to attain the results you desire. Using a smoke generator and a heat source, you can enjoy hot smoking meat and fish. The resultant product or meal is fresh, delicious, and free from any bacteria.

All hot smoked food is ready for immediate consumption. You can choose to increase the shelf life by vacuum packing and sealing the magnificent food you hot smoked. This will allow you to enjoy the delicate and unique flavors after you cooked the food as a part of a cold salad or any other types of dishes. Basically, the only limit here is your imagination. Depending on the type of recipes, this slow cooking process can consume anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days! The succulent result and hot smoked wood flavor will make it well worth your while.

Smoking food items is easy to do and it serves a practical purpose of curing and preserving the food. You can even add additional flavor to your hot smoked meat by marinating it in brine and salt before smoking it, for instance. Gratifying and other palatable flavors like honey or sugar can also be employed to your most prized dish. Luxuriate in the warmth of good company, great wine, and hot smoked ribs for the most delightful evening and meal.