The PATENTED SmokePistol BBQ Smoke Generator

It's the smoke that makes the flavor and ...

The SmokePistol makes the smoke!

The SmokePistol BBQ Smoke Generator
SmokePistol Features:
The SmokePistol Electric Smoke Generator.
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A smoker is nothing more than a slow cooker with a source of constant real wood smoke. The SmokePistol attaches to any grill or smoker easily and provides the source of constant real wood smoke with the smoke pistol cartridges.
The SmokePistol smoke generator can be used for both hot or cold smoking. Hot smoking is the typical type of smoking for brisket, slow cook BBQ ribs, pork roast, turkey etc. Cold smoking is generally used for cheese, some fish, bacon, ham and other cured foods.
The real wood cartridges for the SmokePistol are available in 9 different wood types for real BBQ flavor.  They are easy to start and last for about 4 hours each.  Now you can have consistent, controllable smoke and never open the smoker door for the entire smoking session.  Just think, no messy wood chips, no flare ups and no adding wood every 15 minutes.  
Real wood cartridges available in 9 flavors.
New electronic smoke control with smoke "BURST".
Fruitwood flavor
The SmokePistol provides a consistent source of smoke for any smoker.
Smoke Pistol cartridges:
Hickory, Mesquite, Apple, Alder, Pecan, Cherry,
Sugar Maple, Oak and Black Walnut.
The SmokePistol provides a consistent source of smoke for any smoker and the best thing is that the smoke is controllable. Smoke with a little smoke or a lot of smoke just by turning the electronic control knob.
True Stories from Real Customers

We would like to thank the customers below for sharing their comments, stories and pictures. Wonderful customers like these help us make a great product.

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Chef Ron Barber "After using the SmokePistol® to cold smoke bacon and hot smoke King Salmon,I knew I found the right tool." Chef Ron Barber   Read the Full Story
Harold Timber I won 2nd place, and besides the “braggin rights” I won $3,500. and got to spend over an hour with Bobby Flay who visited my booth. It was a great and rewarding experience thanks to the very simple concept of Caja China and the SmokePistol®." Harold Timber Read the Full Story
Geoff Fontenova " ...can't overstate how easy this product is to use, how much smoke it produces....Thanks for making a fantastic product! " Geoff Fontenova Read the Full Story
Guy Cesario "Absolutely the best BBQ product I have purchased in the past 18 Years."   Guy Cesario Read the Full Story


The SmokePistol is available in 2 models
The Standard SmokePistol The High Heat SmokePistol
The smokepistol best BBQ type of bbq smoker.
The highheat SmokePistol is great for hight heat applications
The standard SmokePistol is good for most hot and cold smoking applications.
The High Heat SmokePistol™ is designed for extremely hot smoking applications It is the same unit as the standard except the smoke chamber is remote from the electronics and connected with an 18" tube.

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