"The SmokePistol is the best thing that happened to BBQ since meat."


Robin Wolferd

Set it and forget it. The smoke Pistol is the best thing that happened to BBQ since meat. I'm done with piles of wood and chopping and stacking. This little machine is what smoking is all about. I was making some of the best Ribs and Pulled Pork in the area. Now I've really outdone myself. You get more smoke from the Smoke Pistol in 1 hour than from a whole 12 hour smoking session using wood chips, chunks or sawdust. They say 3 hours from 1 bullet I say 3 1/2 to 4 hours from 1 bullet. My meat is so much better with all the extra smoke. I can't wait till fall when I can use the pistol to cold smoke. This is such a time and effort saver I have more time to party while smoking. If you ever used a drill installation will take about 10 minutes and your set. I will never go back to wood again. I got it made I use the Smoke Pistol with a Brinkman electric smoker. I plug them both in light a smoke bullet and I'm good to go. Buy the time I run out of smoke the meat has already reached the temperature where it will no longer take on smoke. They could not have made it any easier.

Here are the extra pictures for the web site. Thanks for everything. I have fallen in love with your product. I spend every weekend in my Garage in the shade Smoking some type or another of Pork, Beef or Poultry.