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BBQ smoke generators, the smokepistol and the grillkicker

Outcooker BBQ Products for Sale

Out of all the BBQ tools and barbecue accessories on the market today, our unique and patented product offers the most effective and affordable means of creating a great barbecue experience. Our SmokePistol and GrillKickerâ„¢ grill accessories can help you bring those great BBQ ideas to life by maximizing the potential of your home grilling system.
No barbecue recipe is complete without the authentic flavor produced by our unique SmokePistol or GrillKickerâ„¢ smoke generator.

The SmokePistol

Cold Smoking Barbeque

The GrillKickerâ„¢

Barbeque Good Smokers
  • Real BBQ flavor on your charcoal, gas, or electric grill.
  • Easy light cartridges.
  • Easy to use, no hassle and NO MESS.
  • No mess Up to 1/2 hour of smoke from a single cartridge.
  • Use for hot or cold smoking.
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