How to Make Your Masterbuilt Smoker Smoke

SmokePistol mounted on the Masterbuilt smoker making it an automatic hot and cold smoker

How to Make Your Masterbuilt Smoker Smoke

How to Make Your Masterbuilt Smoker Smoke!

The Masterbuilt smoker makes a great cooker box but it doesn’t smoke well.
This is how to make your Masterbuilt smoker smoke. The nice thing about making this modification is that you can now use your smoker as a cold smoker as well as a hot smoker.
The first step is to get your SmokePistol® and the Masterbuilt mounting kit. Now remove the wood chip cylinder from the side and the wood chip pan from inside the smoker.

Masterbuilt wood cylinder and chip pan

Masterbuilt Smoker wood chip pan

You can throw these parts away or do what I did and put them in the garage until your wife throws them away and trust me, this will happen.
Next, remove the 4 Phillips head screws that are holding in the heating element cover.

Masterbuilt smoker heating element cover

Masterbuilt Smoker heater cover

Make a mental note of how this cover is mounted because you will have to replace it. Lift and remove this cover. Insert the SmokePistol hole panel into the large hole in the Masterbuilt smoker and align the holes with the notches in its flange.

SmokePistol hole cover for Masterbuilt

Mounting the SmokePistol to a Masterbuilt Smoker

Now replace the heating element cover, insert and tighten the 4 Phillips head screws. On the outside of the Masterbuilt smoker you will now mount the SmokePistol L shaped mounting bracket. Make sure that the two mounting holes are horizontal and toward the bottom.

Outside of Masterbuilt with SmokePistol hole cover in place

Mounting the SmokePistol to a Masterbuilt Smoker

With 2 sheet metal screws attach the L shaped mounting bracket to the hole cover and check to make sure it is level.

SmokePistol mounting bracket on Masterbuilt

SmokePistol mounting bracket on Masterbuilt Smoker

If it is not level just loosen the 2 Phillips head screws inside the Masterbuilt smoker wall slightly and rotate the L bracket to a level position before tightening the screws. Now set your SmokePistol on the L bracket and your Masterbuilt smoker is ready for smoking food the right way.
You can cold smoke cheese or make Lox and cold smoked salmon by putting and ice tray inside the Masterbuilt and not turning it on. The SmokePistol will do all the work. Or you can hot smoke your favorite BBQ ribs with consistant and controllable smoke. When you get it down you may want to try some hot smoking then cold smoking to make a great corned beef pastrami .