How To Smoke Food

When meat is hot smoked, it is enclosed in a smoker in the presence of heat and smoke.  The heat is used to cook the meat and the smoke provides the flavor.  The trick to successful smoking is to slow cook the food with constant heat at  about 180 - 230°F while smoking with a constant source of smoke.  The constant heat can come from coal, gas flame or electric but the secret to constant controllable smoke is the SmokePistol.  Because the flavor of the food comes from the smoke, hickory, mesquite, oak, pecan, apple, among other fruit and nut woods are used to generate the flavorful smoke,  In fact, there are nine flavors of wood refill cartridges available for the SmokePistol each having its own distinctive natural flavor.  The smoking process not only cooks and flavors the meat but also helps preserve it. It is not uncommon to marinate or brine meats before hot smoking them, to add flavors like honey or sugar.

Learn how to hot smoke salmon

Cold smoking is the process of applying smoke flavor to foods without cooking them. So, want to know how to cold smoke food. Depending on who you ask, cold smoking is said to occur at temperatures in the range of 80-100°F, but certainly no higher than 120°F. In reality, with the use of the SmokePistol or the GrillKicker, you can cold smoke food at temperatures as low as 40°F.  This is ideal for cold smoking sausage and fish.  It is also a very easy thing to set up using the SmokePistol or GrillKicker and nothing more than a cardboard box.  Examples of cold-smoked foods include bacon, sausages, country ham, fish, and cheese. Cold smoking is the easiest way of smoking food because you do not need heat to smoke the food.

Picture of cold smoking cheese

Learn how to cold smoke cheese