How To Make A Smoker

How to make a smoker.

Make your own SmokePistol® powered, homemade electric smoker!
(this is an educational article only and we do not assist in building this smoker)

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Items you'll need to make smokers

1 SmokePistol® brand smoke generator
1 Metal Trash Can with Cover (new and clean)
1 Electric charcoal starter with standard power plug
1 Bag of small lava rocks
3 Round grill racks (non-coated metal)
15 Long bolts with nuts (at least 4 inches long)
1 Large rounded metal bowl (as close to the size of the trash can as possible)
1 Round stepping stone for placing the smoker on if its not on cement

Tools you'll need:

1 Electric Drill
2 Wrenches or pliers for bolts
1 Tin Snips or hole saw
1 Pair of gloves (if you have baby soft hands)

How to build the smoker:

Ok, now that you have all the necessary stuff..
Take the top off the trash can and make sure its nice and clean inside.
Next, estimate the thickness of your lava rocks height if you were to place a single layer on the bottom of the can.
Drill then snip out a hole large enough to feed the heating coil through from the inside, just don't go overboard on the snipping.
When the hole is cut to size, place 1 layer of lava rock in the bottom of the can. Then put your heating coil on top of the rocks.
Then place the rest of the lava rocks around the heating coil but not necessarily on top of the coil. Next, depending on the size of your metal mixing bowl, you'll need to estimate approx. 6 inches above the heating coil from the bottom of the bowl.
Estimate where the lip of the bowl will be and drill 3 holes. Catch the lip of the bowl on the three bolts you are about to install. If you wish to make the bolts adjustable, place a nut on the outside of the smoker, and one on the inside.
Next, fit your bowl on these bolts. It should be the lip that catches on the bolts to hold the bowl in place.
Next you can have a little creative freedom with the remaining space depending on how big of a trash can you are using. I would personally just recommend taking your remaining space and dividing that by 3 but don't forget your Cover.
Once you figure out where you want to put the racks, drill 3 holes per rack and install the 4" bolts and nuts. Tighten to make the bolts rigid. Test fit your racks to make sure everything fits nicely. Next follow the Installation instructions that came with your SmokePistol® brand smoke generator for that perfect smoking experience.

Congratulations, you are finished and ready to enjoy real smoked food!

Loading your new SmokePistol® powered Electric Smoker:

To load up your smoker, take out the two top racks, leaving the lowest one in place, place your meats on the rack with a bit of space between each piece. Insert next rack and repeat. Finally finishing off with the third rack, cover the whole thing and allow to cook for a few hours.

Warning: Just like ANY smoker on the market today, this will be hot, so do not use near
animals, children or flammable items! Do not leave Unattended!
Use caution and common sense to prevent an accident from happening.