" ...can't overstate how easy this product is to use, how much smoke it produces....Thanks for making a fantastic product! "

Geoff Fontenova

I purchased the SmokePistol® with the intent of simplifying meat smoking. I prepare and smoke around 150 pounds of sausage and kielbasa per year,and I found that, exactly as you describe, the hot plate and wood chips method works fine for a few minutes, but then constant attention is required during the entire several-hour-long smoking session. I knew I had to find a better solution.

A bit about my smoker -

I'm what you'd call a "do-it-yourself" kind of guy, especially if what I want to do costs more than a couple of bucks. That in mind, I built my own smoker. While it did work, having a wooden smoker, aside from raising a few eyebrows, does limit what heat and smoke source I can safely use. When I found your product, I knew I had found the answer to my problem. The hotplates in the bottom of the smoker work well to generate heat, but, the wood chips stop smoking relatively quickly. While I can think of worse things to do that sit on the deck for a couple of hours, I wanted to leave my options open. Enter the  SmokePistol®...It took roughly five minutes to install, light, and start producing smoke. In the photos I've attached, I've got 20 pounds of kielbasa surround by a nice, sweet apple smoke. Two hotplates with pans of water on them provide heat and moisture. This is now a pretty ideal setup. can't overstate how easy this product is to use, how much smoke it produces, and I've already recommended it to several friends. Thanks for making a fantastic product!