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No matter how you spell it. It is ABOUT US. Our purpose is to bring real barbecue to you and the only way to do it is with real wood smoke. Remember that real barbecue is more than just enjoying the meal but also enjoying the preparation. That is why we make it easy, neat and fun.

In the early days of BBQ the wood was chopped and split days in advance. The pit was dug and the coals were started so that they were simmering by daybreak. Today, we don't have a spot to dig the pit, we like to conserve the trees and like to sleep a little later, not to mention that we are not going to chop and split logs just to cook for a few good friends. Thanks to electricity, propane and the SmokePistol® we don't have to, but we can still have the great meal. Whether it is pork butts, ribs, beef brisket or turkey it all tastes better slow cooked while being surrounded with real fruitwood smoke and doing it the easy way is even better.

The SmokePistol® is part of that essential equipment you need to make that smoker work at 100%.