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  Rifle BBQ butane lighters

 Rifle Lighters

We've shown you how to make smoke, now we are going to show you the proper way to make fire. Yes, a butane BBQ lighter designed like a rifle and shoots fire. Fire from a rifle and smoke from the SmokePistol. Check out our new, unique and fun line of barbecue lighters. From fishing rods to firearms these butane lighters are the RIGHT way to start your SmokePistol, GrillKicker and any BBQ.

BBQ history will tell you in the early days of smoking meat or smoking fish there was no such thing as a meat smoker or food smoker.  BBQ wood was chopped and split days in advanced. The pit was dug, and heat was added. Today, we don’t have a spot to dig the pit, we like save the trees and there’s nothing wrong with sleeping in a little later.

Outcooker Products understands you don’t have the time to do a traditional smoked wood BBQ, but thanks to electricity, propane the GrillKickerTM and the SmokePistol®, we can bring back the flavor into your barbecue! Anyone who has an outdoor grill the way most of us do can begin cooking amazing BBQ recipes in no time.

We have put together some great BBQ tips, along with recipes, guides (such as "How To Make A Smoker?"), BBQ Safety. and much more!